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Social impact

Continuously hiring and building capacity of Angolan human resources, as well as having a responsible and sustainable strategy to manage this project (country wide and for our communities) are part of our DNA and of our vision for the future.

Job creation

For our launch we employed, in 2016 and 2017, more than 200 people. We expect this number to grow to 300 in 2018.

Over 500 workers participated in the building and setting up of Bom Jesus plant, wich allows SODIBA’s management team to feel they are on the right track for being a direct and indirect job creation entity.


We believe it is essential to ensure the training and capacity building of our employees. They are the cornerstone of our corporate social responsibility strategy. For this purpose, we created a substantial in-house training program that already ministered 11 separate training modules. This program includes technical and soft skills training, as well as training in a factory environment. We had Angolan technicians sent to Europe, for a two months training programme, in a Heineken Group plant, to gather knowledge and improve technical skills.

During our first six months we provided our workers with 85.000 hours of training, in line with the best international practices for personal development.

By implementing this methodology, SODIBA gathers multidisciplinary and multinational expertise and trains Angolan professionals according to the more strict international standards for excellence.

For the Country and Local Communities

We are committed to building all possible partnerships with Angolan producers and companies for purchasing raw materials, but also engaged in giving-back to the communities nearby Bom Jesus, with Corporate Social Responsibility activities.