Who are we

SODIBA – Sociedade de Distribuição de Bebidas de Angola, Limitada, was created in October 2013, and began building its plant in Bom Jesus in 2014. This project started in 2004 and has already, in 2017, relaunched SAGRES and launched a completely new beer brand LUANDINA.

With a multi-brand strategy, our core business is producing and distributing beer. However, we will also have other beverages, such as bottled water, soda, pulp and concentrate, spirits, ready to drink, and others

We want to manage and grow a wide and internationally known brands portfolio in Angola.

In order to overcome the hurdles we face, our team boasts international and multidisciplinary expertise and is focused on bringing, developing and capitalizing on best practices in Angola, employing and training mostly Angolan workers.

We are working together to raise the quality, innovation and efficiency standards for production, marketing and distribution. Our goal is to always have a positive impact on workers, partners, consumers and communities.

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